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Fee Structure
The High School students are exempted from paying fees as per the ordinance issued by the Government of Maharashtra provided he/she is not a repeater, fourth child or a resident of Maharashtra for less than 15 yrs. The primary school fees is payable for all the 12 months of the year either in cash or by cheque to the South Indian Education Society.

Std I & II – Rs. 15/- per term.
Std III & IV – Rs. 20/- per term.

Std V - Rs.5/- per month.
Std VI  - Rs.6/- per month.

Std VII - Rs.7/- per month.
Std VIII - Rs.8/- per month.

Std IX - Rs.9/- per month.

Std X - Rs.10/- per month.

Term Fess per annum:

STD V – VII  : Rs.10 /-

Std VIII – X  : Rs.16/-

The pre-primary school fee is Rs. 1, 000/- per month, payable for all the 12 months of the year.

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