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Every year the activities of the High School begins with the formal Inauguration of the literary, cultural, cinema and sports association on the auspicious occasion – 'Guru Purnima Day'. These associations, together organize a number of activities for both intra–class and inter–class competitions throughout the year to enhance the literary & creative talents of the students. School assemblies, where the theme is value based, assist as reference books both for personal and group project works.

The library is open during the vacation for avid readers. We set aside an audio visual period in order to give our children the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the beauties of nature and the various facets of knowledge. Similarly our students make the best use of the well equipped laboratory where they explore the unfamiliar and the unexpected and thus feed and nurture the wonders of curiosity. This is done to give them a complete access to total hands on practical education. This also helps our science department to use the best inventive talents and creativity during the ward level science exhibitions organized by the education department.

Subject committees are set up to review the teaching methods and introduce new approaches to teaching. To keep rapid pace with technology, computer classes are introduced .Sports and games have always been a regular feature of our school. Ample opportunities for both indoor and outdoor games are provided for the physical well being of our students. Many of them are trained round the year by our physical instructors and specialized coaches and we have many laurels to our credit covering all levels of competitions – ward, zonal, district, regional and state level.

Days of national importance and festivals are celebrated with due reverence to instil in the students a love for our nation and an appreciation of its rich and varied cultural heritage. This in turn promotes a healthy living with mutual harmony and respect for one another. The Annual Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm as it is the time for students to demonstrate their talents and abilities while parents can proudly watch the results of sacrifice they endure in order to educate their children.

To cater to the students of high calibre scholarship classes are conducted regularly and our students have been putting a lot of efforts to perform creditably at all the talent examinations conducted by the Government of Maharashtra. Students with a weak academic background are given special attention and accordingly remedial measures are taken by the respective subject teachers. Our teachers have been examiners and moderators too at the Board examination and they give special guidance for the students of Std X. Students with learning disabilities are identified with the help of the Counsellor and they too are given special coaching from time to time. Parents are given feed back of their wards whenever required and on Open Day sessions. To have an enriching experience of the outside world and its beauties, picnics and excursions are arranged. Field trips are especially arranged for Std IX and X so as to get a first hand experience on life of the tribals and villagers and the geographical conditions of the place.
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