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“Try Try, till you succeed” is the simple motto we follow in the primary section. And we can proudly say that we do not only try but through sheer perseverance and hard work achieve what we aim for through the joint effort of our staff and the sheer hard work of the students.

Right from the time the SIES institution was established in 1932 with 6 students on roll, the institution has progressed by leaps and bounds and we can proudly say that till date we have strength of 1339 students on roll with 21 divisions from Std I to IV.

We are governed by the rules and regulations of the B.M.C (private primary schools). The rules and regulations with regard to admission; requirement of staff in case of vacancies have to be adhered to. For STD I the age is 5-6 yrs; and corresponding 6 to 7 for STD II; 7 to 8 for Std III; 8 to 9 for Std IV. The age limit can be relaxed in case of transfer cases. There is a grant in ode Book which lays down the statutory requirement which we have to follow from time to time.

The admission generally starts in the 2nd week of April. The students of the SIES (Pre-primary) are first given admissions to Std I. The direct admission usually begins in the 4th week of May, depending upon the number of admissions that can be given from Std I to IV.

For Std I: Original birth certificate is compulsory.

Std II to IV: The learning certificate of the school in which the child has studied is a must. In case the school is an unrecognized one, then the papers of the child (written test that are kept) along with a covering letter has to be sent to the department; to obtain an NOC certificate from them to admit the child.

School Building is currently located in K.A. Subramanian Road. It has 4 floors. The pre primary in the ground floor; the primary in the 1st floor, with the A V Room also; the 2nd and 3rd floors are occupied by the secondary section, which has a computer room (primary as well as secondary); library; Staff Room. The sports galleria is on the 3rd floor.

The syllabus is framed at the end of the academic year. The syllabus is bifurcated into months from June to April taking into account the No. of subjects; and the topics to be covered during the course of the academic year with due emphasis on the 4th unit test and two semesters that have to be executed for the average of the student for the end of the 2nd semester. The syllabus is a written document from Std I to IV. The syllabus has to be documented in the teachers’ lesson plan book which is later on divided into weekly plans; which has to be documented and signed by the head teachers every week.
In the teaching learning process all efforts are made to see that the teaching imparted to the students is made effective through teaching aids; audio visual clipping; and group and individual projects. Those put a greater insight into the creativity of the child and exhibit his creative through proper execution.

From time to time the department trains the teachers to keep them on par with the changing syllabus. The teachers undergo an orientation course for 10-12 days. In the year 2006/2007 the 1st std have teachers undergone the training programme for which Miss. Sorna was selected as the chief resource person. In the year 2007/08 the second standard teachers will be having an orientation programme in the month of June 2007. The head teachers of the schools will also undergo a refresher course for 21 days to keep them abreast of the changing syllabus.

Additional information is also imparted to the students through library books and simple study material that is provided by the teachers. Teaching aids also simplify the content; since the children are able to visualize the pictures.

Transport facilities are available for the children. Mr. Lobo and Mr. Nadar have their services for Antop Hill and their surrounding areas up to Sion and Chunnabhatti and Mr. Nadar also has his bus services for Dharavi Area.

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