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Every institution boasts of its achievements and SIES Pre–Primary has brought about several changes in education and has always been a pioneer in the field of education. By now, it is a well–known fact that modern education at the Pre–primary level should be a two way process, where the teacher and the taught should blend.

Children should be encouraged to the maximum. To be sensitive, innovative, imaginative, confident, creative and empathetic individuals. The school activities should be oriented, so that they are allowed to explore, express and comprehend in a natural enjoyable manner. It has been a long journey from 1932–2007, a herculean task from 6 students to 500 students and an amazing story from the formal way of teaching to the present Shishu Pahel Methodology.

By “SHISHU PAHEL”, we mean, a child initiative programme where the child has a right to voice his choice. Today we are imparting Quality Education with two teachers in each class–room. Providing the right infrastructure, imparting the latest teaching techniques in a congenial, comfortable and homely atmosphere, leading to the all-round development of children, is what we mean by Quality Education.
The class–room is laid out with assigned activity areas, such as –
  • Art Area
  • Home Area
  • Puzzle Area
  • Block Area
Each of the areas has relevant play and learning tools, enabling the children to comprehend and learn while playing.
Daily routine planning such as,
  • Greeting
  • Planning
  • Work
  • Clean up
  • Recall
  • Snack–time
All the above mentioned routines, lead to the smooth function of such a system.
For academic development, a monthly syllabus is laid out. Activities are planned and conducted with small/large groups as warranted. Clay-modelling, drawing, recitation of rhymes, stories, songs, etc are some of them.

The computer centre as well as the Audio–Visual Centre are exposed to the children. To facilitate enjoyable learning seminars are arranged with a view to upgrade the knowledge of teachers and help them to blossom into good human beings seminars on "Enriching Our Self", "Inclusive Education" held in 2006, opened fresh avenues of imparting learning. Every year, on 14th September, Professor Ram Joshi is remembered by our teachers. Dr. Ram Joshi was the founder of “Bal Shikshan Parishad", a renowned educationist , former Principal of S.I.E.S College of Arts and science and a former Vice–Chancellor of the Mumbai University.

Our great unique Indian culture is exposed to the children by celebrating festivals, such as Gokul Ashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali etc. Fancy Dress Programme is celebrated with a bang. Educational field trips are arranged for pure joy and fun. Exhibitions on themes such as Hariyali, Panchi, Badalte Mausaum and on Animals were an eye–opener to the success of Shishu–Pahel Methodology. The Annual Day Programme helps teachers to tap the dormant talent in children and help them to show their innate talents and skill. "Glimpses of India" held in February 2007 was a grand hit wherein incredible India was brought closer to the children.

Regular parents meetings bridge the gap between parents and teachers. We hold parents’ meetings to help parents in tackling their tiny tots give suggestions and understand the parents. Every year we conduct two evaluations and report card is given which acts as a guiding force for parents and teachers. Last, but not the least, the S.I.E.S training Institution, sends teacher trainees to our section, to observe the children and give practical lessons in the classes.

Every child is unique and brimming with curiosity, creativity and imagination. The teachers play a pivotal role, as they urge the eager; steady the unstable and light many bright candles in the dark avenues of ignorance and folly. From darkness to light, from the unknown to the known and from ignorance to knowledge is our MOTTO.
Parental support during exhibitions, field trips cannot be ignored. Their timely help is a welcome and a boon to the children and teachers.
Our Management is very kind and has obliged us by appointing counsellors to handle special children.
Professor Ram Joshi Endowment is given every year to the most cheerful child in the nursery class.
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